Florence Masebe

Nyamuthenga, Khadzi ya Makovhagada! Muduhulu wa Vhafamadi! Tshiongweeee!!!!


Khadzi's Diary


My Heritage, My daily ways…

1. Ndi MuVenda. This I know even in my sleep. Everything I do is guided by
this. MuVenda mubikwa na ive, ļa vhibva nne nda sala.
2. I don’t embrace my cultural heritage. I am it and it is me. I live it.
3. I respect other people’s cultures enough to know that their
misappropriation is not right.
4. I get annoyed when I see people wearing mińwenda incorrectly and
inappropriately. If you love our colours so much, please take time to
learn the symbolism behind the attires.
5. Do not ask me to give you a bangle or two. I find that disrespectful. You
don’t even know why I’m wearing them.
6. I don’t wear the same clothes everyday. I have enough regal reds in my
closet to last me a month.
7. My clothes are not a fancy dress costume. Stop asking me if I’m going to
a function when you see me dressed in mińwenda.
8. I don’t dress in my traditional to make a statement or to impress
9. No I will not lend you any traditional piece. It is not done. Get your own.
10.I am Nyamuthenga! Call me Khadzi.

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